Stamford Company Hopes to Develop Land Around Dunkin' Donuts Park in Hartford

Stamford-based RMS Companies hopes to develop the land surrounding the minor league ballpark in Hartford. 

Hartford city officials said Wednesday that the city is pursuing the development of land around Dunkin’ Donuts Park with RMS Companies. The company’s website said its portfolio includes the UConn residents in Stamford, the Goodwin Hotel in Hartford and several other properties.  

They city and the company have not reached a development deal, according to the mayor’s office, which said, “there will be substantial discussion with the City Council as well as with the public as the process moves forward.” 

The development rights for the area were originally awarded to Centerplan, the same company that was meant to develop Dunkin’ Donuts Park. Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin’s administration called off that contract after ongoing construction and cost issues that delayed the completion of the park. 

Then the city of Hartford terminated Centerplan’s contract to develop the surrounding parcels due to their "failure to deliver the ballpark and lack of honesty and transparency." 

Centerplan Construction filed a lawsuit against after it was terminated from the stadium project and the city has since filed a counter-claim. 

In November 2017, the city issued a Request for Proposals for city-owned properties around Dunkin’ Donuts Park. 

When the deadline came in March, RMS Companies was the sole bidder, according to Hartford officials. 

“RMS has a sound reputation, a strong track record, and a serious plan for development, and our discussions thus far have been productive and positive. We will continue to do our due diligence and work to negotiate a responsible agreement for the development of these key parcels, and we look forward to involving the community directly as the process continues,” Bronin said in a statement. 

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