State Awarded $1 Million to Upgrade 911 Call Centers

There's another big development with our state's 911 system that NBC Connecticut Investigates has been tracking.

More than $1 million in federal funding has been awarded to our state to help in the event of a 911 dispatch center having an unexpected shutdown.

The funding is a federal grant from the USDOT that the state has been anticipating for some time.

The grant funds will be used to build a training room that will also double as a backup dispatch center in an emergency.

It will be fully functional with data terminals, two-way radio and the text to 911 technology that was just rolled out last summer.

So far, the state has not determined exactly where the new facility will be located.

The state had been discussing putting it in the Waterbury Police Department's former 911 center, but those talks have stalled.

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