State Cancels Liquor Permit for Hamden Bar

Officials said several minors, including Quinnipiac University students, had been found in the bar in the past.

The Consumer Protection Commissioner has canceled the liquor permit for the Clubhouse Café in Hamden.

The cafe has been closed since Jan. 30 after police said they found more than 100 underage customers at the bar.

According to a news release from the Department of Consumer Protection, many of the underage customers were Quinnipiac University students who had alcoholic beverages.

After the liquor permit was suspended, the Liquor Control Division investigated again and also held settlement talks with the bar owners and their attorney.

Officials from the state Department of Consumer Protection said bar ownership agrees that the owners and the permittee will not apply for a liquor permit in the State of Connecticut for at least one year from today and no member of the ownership company will have any management or employee status at the premises if a liquor permit is ever applied for at this location.

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