State Department of Transportation Unveils New Website

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is transforming drivers’ commute by launching their new website CT Travel Smart. A new way to get verified, real-time personalized commute information to Connecticut drivers.

“The goal is to move traffic along as best we can,” said CT DOT Transportation Supervising Engineer, John Korte.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation has spent months and $150,000 upgrading the website. State officials said the federal government funded 80 percent of the project and Connecticut picked up the rest of the bill. The goal is to keep traffic moving and in turn, help the economy move in the right direction.

“We want the public to be empowered. We want them to travel smart and that's why we put this website together,” said Kevin Nursick, DOT Director of Communications.

The key difference drivers will notice with CT Travel Smart is their ability to have easy access to personalized driving details.

“Filter by incidents, road work, delay,” said Richard Launder, the Connecticut Department of Transportation Engineer “All this information directly to you when it only applies to the routes that you take.”

People can view the entire state or just a region they choose to see. If they want their drive to be specific, they can sign up online and create certain routes and save individual cameras to their profile.

“Filter specific roadways, you can specifically go to certain towns,” said Launder.

The website can be accessed by a desktop computer or by a cell phone. Drivers can also sign up to receive personalized alert messages about their saved routes, or certain roads.

“Instantly, either on their phone or by text, so they are informed right away,” said Launder.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation has eyes in the sky, using the state’s 350 traffic cameras, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“Everything gets piped back here literally through fiber optic networks. So we have a real-time information here,” said Nursick.

Officials said the difference with the CT Travel Smart website is that DOT can connect drivers to pertinent information within seconds.

“It is real time verified information. It definitely helps them make better decisions with their travel routes,” said Korte.

The Department of Transportation wants to know what people think of CT Travel Smart. You can visit the website here and provide the department with feedback.

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