State Dismisses Sex Assault Charges Against Avon Doctor

The state has dismissed charges filed against an Avon, Connecticut doctor who was arrested in January after he was accused of sexually assaulting patients during medical visits.

Dr. Khosro Pourkavoos was charged after police investigated a woman's complaint that he sexually assaulted her in his office and identified other potential victims, police said, but the state granted a motion on Thursday to dismiss the charges. 

Two separate warrants were issued in January, charging Pourkavoos with one count of second-degree sexual assault and two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault.

Then "an additional 13 females came forward and gave statements to police alleging that they were inappropriately touched by Dr. Pourkavoos," according to a warrant.

Hartford Superior Court Judge Julia Dewey accepted the motion within 15 minutes of hearing from the doctor's defense team as well as an attorney representing two of the women who went to Avon police with allegations of sexual assault against Pourkavoos a few years ago.

Pourkavoos didn't wish to speak to NBC Connecticut, but his attorney, James Bergenn, described his client's feelings.

"Imagine being accused of a crime and waiting three years for the truth to finally come out," Bergenn said.

The doctor's attorneys also reminded the public of 6,000 other patients who had to find a new doctor. They called the Avon police work, "sloppy."

But, an attorney for some of the victims in court Thursday said this decision is no doubt disappointing.

"He's been exonerated and vindicated and needs to get his license back," said attorney Pat Tomasiewicz, who represents Pourkavoos.

The state's dismissal of the charges comes three years after the first allegations of sexual assault during a medical visit by Pourkavoos surfaced.

"You can imagine the pain that he has suffered over the last three years, knowing every turn he tried to do the right thing and people were trying to vilify him," Tomasiewicz said.

"This was medically necessary care. That's why case got dismissed. Everyone of them had a bonafide medical purpose," Bergenn added.

"This isn't (Edwin) Njoku, this isn't (Tory) Westbrook there is no DNA, there was absolutely no evidence of sexual gratification during these patient exams," Tomasiewicz said.

The defense team for Pourkavoos said things just didn't add up between the police reports used to arrest the doctor, witness statements, documentary evidence, along with the credibility of some alleged victims.

Several told police rectal and breast exams given weren't appropriate, nor was the doctor wearing gloves at times.

"The state of Connecticut hired an expert witness. They hired their own doctor. They met with our experts. The experts agree that the examinations performed, under the circumstances, were appropriate,” Tomasiewicz said.

On Thursday, a lawyer for two of the victims was hoping for a different outcome, but said there are still several civil cases pending.

"I just represent the victims here and want to make sure that their voice was heard," said Zak Jazlowiecki, who represents two of the women who made allegations against the doctor. "They're disappointed in the system. You know, they're hurt, but they'll still have their day in court going forward."

Defense lawyers also question the police investigation, alleging a police investigator used leading terms during interviews.

"Before the arrest the department -- Avon never consulted with a medical expert," Tomasiewicz said.

"The one thing that is in common are words the inspector used, which the patients didn't. Patients don't say fondle. The inspector says fondle," Bergenn said.

Avon police have no comment yet as they haven't had time to talk to the court or specific investigators involved.

Two victims didn't wish to speak at court either. There is still much more to go, with about a dozen civil cases going through the courts now as well.

It's unclear what the future holds for Pourkavoos, but the Department of Public Health said his medical license remains temporarily suspended.

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