Layoff Notices Sent to 165 State Employees

One hundred and sixty five state employees have been laid off from two departments, effective today, and many more layoffs are expected as the state deals with a budget deficit.

The layoffs announced on Monday include 106 employees of the state Department of Children and Families and 59 employees of the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

The layoffs are effective as of the end of business on Monday, according to a letter from the state Office of Policy and Management.

Thousands of Connecticut state employees are expected to be laid off because of a budget shortfall and Gov. Dannel Malloy said last week that the number exceeds 1,000, but could be higher based on the budget the appropriations committee approved.

"They're being done in a very orderly basis with the hopes of getting people who are on pins and needles the answers about their status as quickly as possible," Malloy said Monday.

Theses layoffs are expected to save $27.6 million, according to information from the Office of Police and Management.

The unions representing state workers reacted swiftly to Monday's announcement.

"Contrary to the governor's claims that these layoffs are being conducted in an orderly fashion, many staff are being walked off the job site at the same time as they receive their layoff notice in violation of their contract's layoff provisions, leaving remaining staff shorthanded and at greater risk in what at times can be a dangerous environment, said Stephen Anderson, president of Connecticut State Employees Association.

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services plans to close the Connecticut Mental Health Center’s West Haven Clinic Adult Team; the Valley View Café and library services at Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown; Community Recovery Services, Vocational Services and Homeless Outreach program operated by Southeastern Mental Health Authority; two transitional residential programs in Norwalk and Bridgeport; and the military support program and education and training overseen by the agency’s central office.

The layoffs will also result in reduced hours for the mobile crisis program at Southeastern Mental Health Authority, Western Connecticut Mental Health Network and Capitol Regional Mental Health Center.

The DCF layoffs will save $12.6 million.

Malloy said not all the state employee layoff notices would go out at once. There will be different phases of layoffs for different departments.

On Friday, commissioner of the state Department of Correction notified employees that 147 people will be laid off because of a state budget shortfall.

The total state executive branch workforce is 31,200 as of March 31, not including higher education.

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