State Holds Tornado Prepardness Drill

Dozens of people got the chance to help test first responders to see just how ready the state is for a direct tornado hit.

The “victims” laid on the ground covered with fake injuries at the kick-off event of the Up, Up and Aware drill at the New England Disaster Training Center.

“It's nice to know how well the state is organized and ready to be there to help you in case of any kind of tragedy,” said Deanna Russell of West Hartford, played a victim.-

The scenario was designed to simulate a tornado that created a path of destruction through South Windsor. The abilities of the state’s emergency management teams, medical reserve corp, Red Cross and others to first save lives, then continue to keep the situation from worsening was tested.

“We anticipate that these types of exercises will always make them better prepared by identifying areas for them to improve on or enhancing their strengths,” said drill organizer Carmine Centrella.

What makes this drill unique is the focus on coordination of all possible first responders and dozens of towns, not just testing one organization’s plan in a vacuum.

“The most interesting thing is to see how well or how poorly as a unit we interact with each other, working with the people and getting things done,” said Dr. Ron Berkman

while drills like this are crucial for keeping the state’s emergency response up to speed, we all need to make sure we’re as ready as possible if disaster strikes.

“Be aware, plan, prepare,” said Centrella

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