State Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Bump Stocks in Connecticut

Connecticut lawmakers have passed a bill in favor of banning bump stocks.

The Senate passed the measure Tuesday night after long debate. It was previously passed by the House.

The bill is now on its way to a supportive governor for his signature.

The bill makes it illegal to sell, transfer, possess or use bump stock-type devices that enhance the rate of fire of a firearm.

Those currently in possession would be required to move it outside the state, surrender it to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection for destruction, or render the device inoperable.

Anyone who moves into the state would have 90 days to comply.

This is a felony offense, but the bill provides a reduced penalty for first-time offenders that hold a valid gun permit.

Those against the bill said they’re skeptical how banning the devices will save lives or stop criminals from committing crimes. But proponents said making them more difficult to obtain is a powerful measure.

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