State Lays Off 90 From Department of Developmental Services, Military Department

Ninety Connecticut state employees received layoff notices on Tuesday as the state grapples with a $922 million budget deficit. 

Eighty-nine are from the Department of Developmental Services, and one was in the Military Department. 

A statement from the Office of Policy and Management for the state says the layoff notices go into effect at the end of business today. 

“Today’s layoffs to workers who have dedicated their lives to caring for the intellectually disabled are very harmful for our state,” SEIU 1199 spokesperson Jennifer Schneider said in a statement. “Eliminating workers who care for the disabled should be Connecticut’s last resort, not the first step in solving budget deficits.  We encourage the Governor and lawmakers to use a portion of the $406 million in the state’s rainy day fund before making the drastic step to remove caregivers from the disabled who depend on them for their most basic every day needs.”  

In total, 650 state employees have been laid off and several more are expected. 

When Gov. Dannel Malloy released a new budget plan last month, it included about 2,500 total layoffs.

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