State Offers Snow Removal Tips

As a blizzard threatens to drop up to 30 inches of snow across the state, the Connecticut Department of Public Health is offering snow removal tips to help residents stay safe while cleaning up after the storm.

Snow Shoveling

You can hurt yourself while shoveling snow if you're not careful. To protect your back, bend at your knees and keep the shovel close to your body. Avoid twisting your torso and instead re-position your feet before you dump out snow from your shovel.

Use a small-bladed shovel and scoop small amounts at once, especially when snow is heavy and wet.

Make sure to drink plenty of water while shoveling to avoid getting dehydrated.

Shoveling can raise your heart rate and blood pressure, so make sure to start slow and get your body ready by stretching out.

Try to time your shoveling around the warmest part of the day.

Snow Blowing/Throwing

Avoid wearing scarves or other loose clothing that could potentially get caught in the machine's moving parts.

When moving equipment, move carefully and avoid twisting to keep from slipping or hurting your back.

Never place hands, feet or other body parts inside the machine while the engine is running.

If the machine becomes clogged, cut the engine and use a cleaning tool to unclog it. Never use your hands or feet to clean out clogged equipment.

Wait for machines with gas model engines to cool down before refueling.

Do not run a gas-powered snow blower/throwing in an enclosed area such as a garage or shed. This could put you at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

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