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State Offices Will be Closed for Monday's Storm: Lamont

connecticut state capitol
NBC Connecticut

Governor Ned Lamont is directing all executive branch state offices to close to the public in preparation for Monday's storm.

“This appears to be a significant storm that is about to impact our state, and snowfall is expected to reach rates at times of up to one to two inches per hour, causing whiteout conditions that will make it unsafe to be out on the roads,” Lamont said in a statement.

“Therefore, we are directing that all Level 2 state employees who have been physically reporting to their office buildings throughout the ongoing pandemic to stay home out of an abundance of caution, and all those who have been working remotely should continue to do so," he continued.

Level 2 employees are considered those who were previously designated "nonessential" based on their respective job duties.

The governor is encouraging Connecticut residents to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary, particularly during the height of the storm which will make for dangerous road conditions.

Lamont announced Sunday that he is activating the State Emergency Operations Center to monitor and respond to severe weather conditions resulting from Monday's storm.

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