Connecticut State Police

State Police Investigate Serious Crash in Somers

Residents near the intersection at Durkee Road and Four Bridges Road in Somers told us they woke up to an unexpected sound this Sunday morning.

“At about after 5 o’ clock, close to 5:30 in the morning, LifeStar came and landed inside the field nearby,” Jerome Kulas has lived in the area for over 20 years. “After that time, they were still investigating the scene and everything else. Multiple emergency crews came in to check out the area.”

State police confirmed a serious accident occurred at that intersection. They also said they are the ones leading the investigation. By 9 a.m., an accident reconstruction team arrived to examine the scene.

Another neighbor who owns the land next to the site of the accident says it’s not the first time he has seen something like this.

“The speed limit is 35, they do 50/55,” said Joel Lachance. “I see them come up the road to the corner up here. What’re you gonna do? They’ve hit poles—it’s too narrow.”

Police have not yet released information on the victims or details of the accident.

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