State Police Out in Force for New Year's Eve

Vigilant and visible, Connecticut State Police have increased their presence on the roads with roving patrols and DUI checkpoints as people celebrate the New Year.

NBC Connecticut joined State Police Trooper Michael Stanger Monday as he patrolled a stretch of the Route 9 corridor, Essex and Deep River, making sure drivers were taking it slow and steady, the rain adding another dimension of danger.

“Poor visibility. The roads are slick. People don’t account for their speed and the roads being slippery.”

State Police began their roving patrols and DUI checkpoints last Friday, urging people to put down the keys if they picked up a drink.

“Even one can alter your driving - there are so many different options to prevent getting arrested for DUI, creating an accident like you said, hurting other people involved, so, yeah, it absolutely does surprise us still,” Stanger explained.

Stanger said the midnight shift will likely be busier.

“The roads do clear up and then after midnight the traffic picks up again from everyone leaving their parties.”

He said they are hoping everyone makes it home safe after the celebration ends.

“We just hope that no one gets into an accident, hurts themselves or another person because they’ve been drinking.”

State Police will continue increased enforcement through Wednesday.

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