Cadaver Dogs Search New Haven for Dismembered Limbs

State police cadaver dogs returned to New Haven on Tuesday to scour the area where two dismembered arms and a homeless man's severed legs were found earlier this month.

Police said the legs belonged to Ray Roberson, 54, a homeless man who was last seen alive May 20 and missed a court date June 17. He was not reported missing prior to his death.

Investigators found his legs, severed near the knee, on July 15 in the area of State and Court streets in New Haven.

Hours later, they discovered a pair of arms in a pastic bag blocks away. Although the arms have not been linked to Roberson, police said "it would be incredibly concidental and... incredibly disturbing if they were separate cases."

Authorities are searching for additional body parts. Police are investigating the case as a homicide but said they do not know where Roberson was killed or dismembered.

Police released a photo of Roberson on Monday hoping someone with information will help piece together the events leading up to his death.

"We do not have anything in the investigation that tells us where these dismemberments occurred, so we are not certain that this is going to remain only a New Haven case," said New Haven police spokesman Officer David Hartman.

Roberson had an extensive criminal record that consisted of minor offenses, according to police.

Authorities said the crime appears to have been personal rather than random.

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