State Police Search for Evading Vehicle Involved in Danbury Motorcycle Crash

Modern LED light bar on police cruiser flashing red and blue emergency lights.
Getty Images (File)

Connecticut State Police are searching for an evading vehicle that was involved in a motorcycle crash in Danbury on Saturday.

Troopers said the accident happened on Route 7 northbound, south of exit 11 in Danbury around 11:43 a.m.

According to police, a black Dodge Challenger or Charger with tinted windows and Connecticut plates hit a motorcycle and fled north on Route 7. The vehicle also had loud exhaust and a German Shepherd dog inside.

There is likely damage on the evading vehicle on the driver's side, investigators said.

The motorcycle landed in the left lane and the driver of the motorcycle sustained injuries, troopers said. He was taken to Danbury Hospital to be treated.

Anyone with information on the crash is urged to contact TFC Cassavechia at (203) 267-2240.

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