Tropical Storm Elsa

State Power Companies Prepare for Tropical Storm Elsa's Impact

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Tropical Storm Elsa has barreled through parts of Cuba and Florida and in preparation for it's potential impact, Connecticut Power companies are preparing for what the storm could bring later this week.

"We're preparing, we've been watching the forecast for days, we've been securing out of state crews," said Mitch Gross, a spokesperson with Eversource. "We've been reaching out well in advanced of Elsa's predicted arrival."

The power company is one of the many utility companies working to ensure they are able to repair and restore power this week and throughout the Hurricane season.

Brining in out of state crews is the just the beginning for the power company, Eversource is utilizing their energy center along with the University of Connecticut to get information for their outage prediction model.

"We've moved some things around internally to be more efficient and you know the bottom line is we understand we have a lot of eyes on us after Isaias in 2020," Gross said.

United Illuminating response is starting to pick up momentum and has been for the last couple of days. The company is using technology including their Matrix System which helps predict and pinpoint where teams need to go when outages happen.

"We're looking at the weather service, we're estimating how many outages there's going to be a predicted outage amount," said John Mitchell, director of Electric Operations for the power company. "It determines based on the number of outage events, the weather type whether it's rain or wind, ice whatever it might be and that directs us to what type of resources we might need to address that storm."

Local municipalities like New Haven's emergency operations department tells NBC Connecticut they're always concerned about flooding and potential storm surges.

"It backs up and when water backs up, it floods and it puts everybody at risk, we do our best to get the water out but again mother nature sometimes doesn't care what we have in place," said Rick Fontana, Emergency Operations Director for the City of New Haven.

Emergency and Utility leaders what the public to know the best way to prepare for a storm is to get ready a head of time.

"Watch your T.V. news weather forecast, listen to what the meteorologist are saying and prepare accordingly, do you have your storm kit ready?" said Gross.

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