State Preps for First Chances of Snow this Season

Temperatures were in the fifties to start the final week of the year. It was weather that was hard for some people to believe.

“It’s rainy in December, not that great. But I guess I’d rather it rain than snow,” say Janee Kemp of East Windsor.

Shoppers took advantage of the mild Sunday in Enfield. They were out to browse the after Christmas sales.

“You can see I just have a hooded sweatshirt on. Haven’t broken out the big jacket so definitely nice,” says Andrew Anderson of Bloomfield.

“I’m loving it. I don’t like snow. I’m from here but I still don’t like snow. I will never complain about this weather,” says Niesha Taylor of Bloomfield.

While some were snagging deals, others were stocking up for potential wintry weather this week.

“I have my ice melt for cats and I have plenty of food in the house,” says Lorraine Duquette of East Hartford.

People stopped by Katz Hardware in Glastonbury. They’re finally looking for winter essentials including ice melt, shovels, and roof rakes.

“We’ve been slow. We’ve been picking up now. The weather started to pick up so we’ve getting a lot of the long-term New Englanders who know that this weather could change in a drop of a hat,” says Morgan Crum, manager of Katz Hardware.

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