State Releases Funding to Help Fix Sinking New Haven Homes

Some relief is on its way to families in the New Haven area hoping to fix their sinking homes.

The State Bond Commission approved $1 million in grants for homeowners in Westville and the neighboring Town of Woodbridge.

In the northeastern part of the state, the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters have reported on crumbling foundations because of a faulty mineral in the concrete.

In the section of New Haven by the West River, it is where the neighborhoods were built on top of ponds, lakes and swamps, that is believed to be the cause of structural damage in the homes.

“Nothing’s flat, anything that goes on the floor like water or a ball it rolls,” said Bridgette, who lives on Beverly Road.

In her home of 17 years, Bridgette said she’s noticed some problems.

“Doors not closing properly, some windows not squaring off and corner of the house where there’s a lean,” she explained.

Bridgette and other nearby hometowns like Lewie Golding on Curtis said they are also dealing with cracks in their foundation.

“This is my main problem,” Golding said.

State Rep. Patricia Dillon (D-New Haven) said severe weather has accelerated this crisis for some families living in her district.

“There’s been a lot of damage that’s destabilized some of the homes,” Dillon told NBC Connecticut. “Every time we have a terrifying storm it seems I get a call on my cell because the people are just terrified they’re going to lose everything they have.”

Dillon and the delegation of New Haven lawmakers asked the state to borrow $4 million to assist these homeowners. The bonding commission approved the first portion of those funds on Friday.

“We know which are the most severely damaged, but part of these dollars are going to be used to inspect the others,” Dillon said.

Bridgette said she plans to find out if some of the new funding can go toward fixing her home.

“There’s no one thing that you look at,” she said, “this is your investment, this is your life savings, your blood, sweat and tears.”

Some of the sinking homes in the Beverly Hills area were already repaired a few years back. Dillon said she has been working toward a solution for these homes with damaged foundations for more than a decade.

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