Jennifer Dulos

State Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Gag Order in Fotis Dulos Case

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The Connecticut Supreme Court heard arguments today on a gag order in the case against Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of Jennifer Dulos, a mother of five who has been missing since May.

Attorney Norm Pattis, the criminal defense attorney for Fotis Dulos, asked the state’s highest court to revoke a gag order, saying it infringes on Fotis Dulos’ right to defend himself against speculations.

In a brief, Pattis argued that Fotis Dulos has the right to take on a “bold, public strategy in his own defense,” and the gag order prevents that.

Dulos is charged with hindering prosecution and evidence tampering in connection with the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, who has been missing since May 24. Police have said they do not believe she is alive.

Fotis and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, are both facing charges in the case. They have both pleaded not guilty.

Fotis is also facing a civil case. Jennifer's mother, Gloria Farber, is suing him in civil court to get back millions of dollars she claims her late husband lent Fotis for his business and home mortgage.

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