Hamden Police

State Suspends Hamden Bar After Police Find Underage Customers

The Consumer Protection Commissioner has issued a "summary suspension" for the Clubhouse Café in Hamden days after police said they found more than 100 underage customers at the bar.

Police said they conducted a liquor compliance check on Friday night and issued several infractions.

According to a news release from the Department of Consumer Protection, many of the underage customers were Quinnipiac University students who had alcoholic beverages.

“We are deeply concerned as our officers have noticed that Quinnipiac students from nearby are walking intoxicated in the road coming to and from the Clubhouse Café. Due to the repeated offenses and risk that this establishment is causing to our young residents and area college students, any assistance in mitigating the obvious dangers posed to minors who patronize the establishment would be greatly appreciated,” John Cappiello, acting police chief in Hamden, wrote in a letter to Director John Suchy, of the Liquor Control Division, wrote. 

“We don’t take the issuance of a summary suspension lightly, but feel it is warranted in this instance. Serving underage patrons is a very serious offense, and our partnerships with local police, other state agencies, and community organizations are all needed to keep this from happening in our communities,” Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle Seagull said in a statement.

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