Bloomfield Butcher Remains Closed After Public Cow Slaughter

The situation started when a cow got loose from the Saba meat store in Bloomfield.

WARNING: Some may find the video in this story disturbing.

A business shut down after an employee slaughtered a loose cow in a neighboring business’s parking lot is working to correct violations brought to light after the incident.

NBC Connecticut Investigates first broke the story and video about a cow that wandered off the Saba Live Poultry property in Bloomfield, and was killed across the street in the back lot of a Home Depot.

The Saba Live Poultry market has been closed since last week, when inspectors went through the business.

This followed the incident where one of its cows got loose on the neighboring Home Depot property, and then it was corralled and killed by Saba employees.

Saba’s spokesman told NBC Connecticut Investigates the store will remain closed while it works to brings violations found up to code. The issues mostly involve keeping livestock clean, and free from heat stress.

Meanwhile, the incident last week has drawn the attention of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA.

The organization said it will post a billboard about the incident near Saba’s Bloomfield store in the coming days.

Police also told us it is still possible there could be additional criminal charges in this case.

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