State to Renumber I-395 Exits

To comply with federal government rules, exits on Interstate 395 will be getting new numbers soon.

The contractor has the new exit signs in a staging area near exit 84. Their numbers will indicate how far from I-95 an exit is located.

"It makes more sense," said Frank Thompson, stopped at a rest area with his family in Moosup. "It'd be a lot easier as you're going down the highway to find where your next exit's going to be. It's also a lot easier to estimate how much longer you're going to be on the highway."

People who drive the highway professionally say it will make life easier.

"If you go up 80 miles, then you wouldn't need to know anything, you just see the number 60, 70, and key in on 20 more miles, 10 more miles," said Joe DeFuscio, of Providence.

Some drivers have come across mileage-based exits in other states, but Nancy Kavanagh of Long Island said she handles them all the same.

"I have my GPS and I just know what exit I'm getting off. I'm not really keeping track of how many miles. But I know they've done it in Maine, where I go a lot, and I can't say it's done anything for me," she said.

The sign supports now in the staging area go up first along the road.

"Now Google and Garmin and everybody else... I can't imagine what that's going to take to change everything," said Ken Leveille, who drives auto transport trucks.

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