State to Sell Prisoners Cold Case Playing Cards

The state is calling on prisoners to help solve cold cases by offering them playing cards with information on unsolved homicides and missing person cases.

The cards, which include a photo of a victim,
a brief description of the case and how to submit a tip, are the only ones available to inmates in Connecticut prisons.

The aces of diamonds is the unsolved murder of Darien police officer Kenneth Bateman, who was shot to death in 1981 while he was on duty.

"The ace of diamonds is the only unsolved murder of a police officer in the state of Connecticut," Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane said.

This is the third time the state and the Department of Corrections are releasing this type of playing cards.

"Cold case playing cards are a valuable tool assisting investigators working to solve these difficult cases and achieve justice for the victims of these crimes and their families," Kane said in a statement.

State officials said the cards are not paid for with taxpayer dollars. Revenue from sales is used to produce subsequent decks so the project is self-sufficient.

The Department of Correction sold different decks of cold-case cards to inmates in 2009 and in 2012.

The Department of Correction has distributed more than 48,000 decks and the cards have generated more than 470 tips. Arrests have been made in nine of the homicide cases featured on the cards. 

Members of the public are also encouraged to view the cards and to share any information they might have about any of the cases.

Submit information by calling 1-866-623-8058, by email at or by mail to P.O. Box 962, Rocky Hill, CT 06067

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