Connecticut State Police

State Troopers Surprise Girl Who Lost Both Her Parents With Easter Goodies

Connecticut State Police

State troopers from Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts teamed up to deliver a bunch of Easter goodies to a young girl who lost both her parents a few months ago.

New Hampshire troopers included CT and MA officers in the special assignment which took place on Saturday.

Troopers from NH met Eyvie a few months ago when both of her parents passed away in separate accidents.

NH state police troopers weren't able to make the trip to Conn., but they still wanted to make sure a few special presents made their way to Eyvie. They coordinated with troopers from MA who then met with CT state troopers to coordinate the delivery to Eyvie, officials said.

A video of the delivery can be seen in the post above.

Connecticut State Police

"We are honored to have been given the opportunity to take part and meet Eyvie. She is an amazingly strong and resilient girl and we are honored she shared her bright smile with us this morning," Conn. state police said in a Facebook post.

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