State Workers Unions Say Hold the Layoffs

State workers unions are banding together to make sure layoffs aren't a solution to Connecticut's budget crisis. The State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition, or SEBAC, is using two advertisements to give voters a sense of what could happen if the state cuts public services.
"Picture this: Our streets unprotected, our kids missing out on a teacher's help, our loved ones without the quality care they deserve," said the television ad.
"The commercials really highlight the value of the work that public service workers provide across the state," said Matt O'Connor of SEBAC.

To see the ads, click here.
SEBAC says it's willing to help the state face this current budget crisis, but it's not willing to sacrifice state workers or their jobs. The group says a recent poll shows Connecticut voters agree.
"Connecticut voters actually prefer increasing taxes on the wealthy, on corporations, closing tax loopholes over cutting public services over laying off workers whether it's public sector workers or private sector workers," said O'Connor.
That's why the group is using both the television and radio ads to urge voters to send a message to lawmakers.
"Tell your legislator that cutting public services will only put us behind. Instead let's rebuild and re-invest to move Connecticut further. After all, we're in this together," said the TV ad.
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