State Working to Move Transgender Teen

For the second time in two weeks advocates rallied outside of DCF headquarters in Hartford calling on the state to release Jane Doe, 16, from York Correctional Facility in Niantic.

Doe, a transgender teen, who has been in state custody for nearly her entire life, has been held at York for 31 days following an incident at a treatment facility.
"There's an employee, at a residential treatment facility, who put her in an illegal restraint and she responded by defending herself and that's what led to DCF trying to transfer her," said Aaron Romano, an attorney for the girl.
The girl has not been charged with any crime and advocates say she's being unfairly held. Romano wants the Department of Children and Families to release her from solitary confinement. 
"Being in a correctional facility is illegal according to federal law and she's in solitary confinement," said Romano.
Late Friday, following the rally, Governor Dannel Malloy's office announced that they were working on a solution to transition the girl to a more appropriate setting.
"The Governor has spoken with Commissioner Katz, and the Commissioner agrees that Jane Doe must be moved to another setting as quickly as possible," said Andew Doba, Communications Director for Gov. Malloy. "Commissioner Katz has been developing a plan that will assure both Jane Doe's safety and the safety of others. It's our hope that Jane Doe's transition to a more appropriate setting can be accomplished in a matter of days or weeks, not months, and that she benefits from the treatment and opportunities available to her."
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