State's New Supersized Snowplows Can Clear 2 Highway Lanes at Once

The state of Connecticut has some new snowplows and they will be able to clear two lanes of a highway at once. 

Gov. Dannel Malloy and Department of Transportation Commissioner James Redeker held a news conference on Tuesday and said the three plows are 26-feet long and double the width of a single plow truck. 

“The people and businesses of Connecticut depend on an efficient transportation system, and these advanced snow plows will make a difference when it comes to clearing our highways following winter weather events,” Malloy said in a statement. 

He said these plows will be able to clear the roads faster and reduce fuel consumption. 

“It’s our goal to be prepared for severe weather events the best we can, and the addition of these tow plows will increase our efforts to safely clear the roads so that schools and businesses can re-open more quickly and emergency services can reach those who need them,” Malloy said. 

The plows are towed in the back of the truck and DOT tested one under a pilot program during the 2015-2016 winter season. 

“Clearing snow and ice from our roads and highways during winter storms is one of our most critical functions as an agency,” Redeker said in a statement. “With the winter season upon us, the addition of these tow plows to our snow-fighting fleet ensures we can better handle virtually any winter-weather event in an efficient and strategic manner, while reducing costs to the taxpayer.” 

The plows also have rear- and side-mounted cameras, lights to illuminate the plow area and serve as a warning to nearby drivers, and a mounted laser. 

Malloy and Redeker are urging drivers to stay clear of the snowplows while on the road not try to pass a snowplow or snow plow echelon while it is in use. 

The state’s severe service snow and ice fleet includes 634 plow trucks that are stationed at around 50 garages around the state.

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