State's Oldest Furniture Store Closes This Month

The oldest furniture in Connecticut, and possibly the United States, is closing after 207 years in business.

Bakers Country Furniture in Stafford Springs will only be open for another 15 days and the going-out-of-business sale runs until Tuesday, June 23.

"I've been here all my life," John Rossi said in a previous interview. "I actually got off the school bus here."

The store has been in the Rossi family since the 1960s, but it opened in 1808, a year before Abraham Lincoln was born.

When Bakers was founded, Stafford Springs was an overnight stagecoach stop between Boston and New York. The owners said business has had its ups and downs, but they decided that for them personally, it's just time to close.

"My wife and I have been doing this all our lives," Rossi previously said. "We think it's a little time for a change."

Rossi said he'd like to see the 20,000-square-foot property at 42 West Main Street remain a furniture store.

"I think it was a great place to have one," he said.

During the countdown phase, the owners are accepting reasonable offers on all furniture. All lamps, pictures, mirrors, curtains and gift items will be offered at 70 percent off regular pricing, while oriental rugs will be for sale at 80 percent off regular pricing.

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