2nd Arrest in Stolen Statue

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Police have arrrested a second suspect in the case of the statue stolen from a cemetery in Norwich.

Investigators say Richard Chamberlain, 46, of Lebanon, turned himself in after being told a warrant was out for his arrest.

Chamberlain is charged with first degree larceny by possession in the theft of the statue -- which weighs 450 pounds -- dates back 120 years.

Chamberlain's arrest follows last week's arrest of Sean P McNee, 43, of Willimantic.

On February 19,  police say McNee swiped a landmark statue of Sarah Osgood from the Yantic Cemetery in Norwich. This was no ordinary statue -- it is huge first of all -- depicting a life-size woman wearing a draping dress and kneeling.  The statue is made of bronze and had an estimated value of $35,000.  The statue was eventually found cut into pieces.

The statue used to sit over the gravestone of Sarah Osgood, part of a large family plot.  Sarah Larned Osgood was the wife of Charles Osgood.  She died September 4, 1881. 

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