Any Wintry Precipitation Changes to Rain Overnight

Light precipitation this evening could create slick roads in a few northern Connecticut towns.

Warmer air will be moving in aloft, but since it's been so cold recently, it will take a while for the ground to respond.

As a result, liquid rain that falls before 9 p.m. this evening could create a glaze of ice on frozen, untreated surfaces.

Eventually, late this evening, any freezing rain will turn into a steady rain overnight.

Wednesday morning's commute will be wet, even though the rain will move out before the sun comes up.

High temperatures will be in the upper 40s on Wednesday, which is more than 10 degrees above average.

Thursday and Friday will be mostly cloudy, and each day features at least a small chance for a rain shower.

Yet another storm approaches Saturday night. High pressure will be in prime position for that system to be snow, but it shouldn't be a "blockbuster" storm.

So, when does winter return, consistently?

Even next week, models are showing a very unfavorable pattern for big snowstorms in Connecticut.

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