Stepped Up Security at East Haven Middle School

The rules tightened after a mother confronted a bully in the school.

There are new security procedures in place at Joseph Melillo Middle School, in East Haven, after a mom stormed into the cafeteria unannounced to confront the person she said has bullied her daughter.

Board of Education members approved a full-time security guard on Tuesday night to guard the front entrance of the school and ensure it is secure throughout the day.  There's also a new surveillance camera taping the front door.

Dawn Styles, an East Haven parent, was at the school on Tuesday and noticed the changes right away.

"A gentlemen met me at the door, took me to the main officer and then later escorted back to the door and I left," Style said.

The changes are the result of a cafeteria fight last month that ended in the arrest of Nicole Sciarra. The  31-year-old mom was charged with risk of injury to a minor and breach of peace, accused of shoving a student she said was bullying her daughter.

Styles said the school has not released details of what happened that day.

Supt. Anthony Serio addressed the security issues at the board of education meeting and called last month's outburst an "isolated incident."

"We took the incident very seriously. It was unfortunate. We hope the security changes will help," he said.

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