Stew Leonard's Pull Some Nut Mixes

If you bought nuts at Stew Leonard’s, it’s time to check your closet yet again for products containing peanuts. The Connecticut-based grocer is voluntarily recalling some nuts and nut mixes.

The company that manufactures Stew Leonard’s trail mixes bought some of the roasted peanuts used in the mixes from The Peanut Corporation of America in Georgia, according to a news release from Stew Leonard’s. The company which is at the center of the salmonella scare.

The company pulled the mixes as the peanut recall expends to include hundreds of companies that have purchased peanut ingredients produced in the Blakely, Georgia facility of Peanut Corporation of America since Jan. 1, 2007.

Stew Leonard’s is taking the following off the shelves.

  • Stew Leonard’s Roasted No Salt Peanuts, 18 oz.
  • Stew Leonard’s Cranberry Fitness Mix, 20 oz/ and 28 oz.
  • Stew Leonard’s Oriental Mix, 16 oz.  
  • Stew Leonard’s White Chocolate Cranberry Mix, 18 oz.
  • Stew Leonard’s Trail Mix, 20 oz. 

No illnesses have been reported in connection with the products mentioned above, according to Stew Leonard’s.

All other products containing peanuts or peanut butter sold in its locations are safe to eat, the company said.

Stew Leonard’s has found a new supplier and replaced the trail mixes with peanuts from a verified safe source.

If you bought any of the products listed, return them for a full refund.

For a full list of products affected by the recall can be found on the FDA Web site.

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