Stonington Students Make Wishes Comes True

Several students from Stonington High School have spent the year learning about marketing and making a difference. They have developed a class project that will raise money for a very special group of children.

"We get to make posters and fliers and just be really creative," Katherine Byron, a senior, said.

The posters are promoting a concert organized by the students in the advanced marketing class. The feature act is local band, Barefoot Truth.

"It's a new class that we started. It's a second-level marketing class, so, it's more taking the ideas, the topics and really applying it to a real life event," business teacher Dan Rahl said.

"This class is hands-on. You work on a ton of things, so we started the concert in the fall by planning out what companies we were going to try to get to sponsor us, the bands we were trying to get. That took us awhile," Josh Williams, a senior said.

Now they're in the thick of promotion and ticket sales. 

It's important that they have a big turn out because of where the money's going -- to the Make a Wish Foundation.

"It feels really good.  We're not only putting on a concert for everyone to enjoy but it's going to help someone else," Byron said.

So, the schoolwork continues from now until the big show on June 13.

"It's going to be a long day for us and hopefully it will be worth it after all the work we've put in," Williams said.

It’s work for a good cause.

"It's great. I wish I was a junior because then I'd take it again next year, it's that fun."

To buy tickets to the concert you can send an e-mail here.

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