Other Businesses Being Affected by Stop & Shop Strike

Some businesses near local Stop & Shop stores say their sales are hurting, with fewer customers coming in after hitting the grocery store.

It’s the strike that’s been heard all across Connecticut and it’s noise that surrounding small business owner, Lisa Hamel of Wine Etc. in Granby says has now caused her sales to go quiet.

“It’s kind of eerie it’s just dead,” Lisa Hamel said.

Hamel says Easter weekend is typically one of her busiest holidays of the year but by this Good Friday sales were down.

“It’s been about 50 percent over six days that we’ve seen such a significant drop,” Hamel said.

Hamel says she wants customers who would normally stop by her store during their grocery runs to know she’s still open for business.

“We don’t want people to feel scared or intimidated to come in here as a result of what’s happening,” Hamel said.

Stop & Shop employee Reuben Colins, now on his seventh day striking, has noticed the decline in traffic around the area and the effects on other businesses.

“I feel bad for them we’ve got to do something about this we can’t let it keep going,” Colins said.

“I was due to stock up anyway and I thought well I’ll stop by and give them some support,” Jenny Emery said.

Emery making a pass by Wine Etc. today after hearing about the drop in sales.

“It’s a tough time to have something like this like a strike you know it’s like collateral damage,” Emery said.

As union negotiations continue, Hamel hopes customers continue to come through her doors.

“We’re hoping that the community knows that we’re still here that we still appreciate them coming in,” Hamel said.

Stop & Shop said Friday that negotiations on a new contract continue.

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