Storm Caused Tsunami in Long Island Sound

Tuesday's storm was so powerful that it actually caused a tsunami in Long Island Sound.

That's right, a tsunami!

"A meteo-tsunami occurred as a rapid fluctuation in pressure traversed the Sound at a speed that resulted in a tsunami formation," NBC Connecticut Chief Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan tweeted Wednesday morning.

So what does that mean?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, meteo-tsunamis are created by air-pressure disturbances often associated with severe thunderstorms and other storm fronts.

Meteo-tsunamis have reached heights of 6 feet, according to NOAA.  They are observed in many bodies of water around the world.

Tsunamis caused by earthquakes and other seismic activity can be much bigger and cause devastation.

Tide readings from New Haven yesterday show water levels fluctuated as much a foot more than a normal reading.

The fluctuations lasted for several hours.

Gauges in New Haven detected the tsunami, according to the National Weather Service in Boston.

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