Storm Makes For Slick Roads

The tires kept spinning as a sports car tried to make it up a Hartford hill, so Martin Ward Sr. got a phone call from his stepson.
"I ain't going to make it up the hill," Ward heard his stepson say. "Bam, I'm here."

With a tow rope and his SUV, Ward saved the day.
It was a scene played out across Connecticut Tuesday evening, as snowfall made for slippery conditions right at rush hour.

Off Route 9 in Cromwell, the roads weren't bad enough to keep people away.

Stefania D'Agostino of Middletown pushed a grocery cart full of food through the slushy parking lot.
"I'm daring so I don't care. I'll go out in anything," D'Agostino said. "You gotta do what you gotta do."

But even the massive tires on a forklift spun out as it worked in tandem with a plow to clear off the parking lot.
"We work to get it done as fast as we can so we make more money," said Jeff Tott, the subcontractor on the job.

A sand truck was also on hand. It was the key to the clean-up because this storm was different than the others.
"It froze," Tott said. "It's all ice underneath in this parking lot."

In Middletown, there wasn't much snow to shovel from sidewalks and driveways.
But underneath the snow was a layer of ice, making the ice scraper essential when it came to clearing off cars.

This latest storm left a lot of people looking ahead to warmer weather.
"I've had enough," Ward said. "Where's summer? Bring on summer."

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