Storrs Resident, Other Vacationers Witness Cape Cod Tornado

An EF-1 tornado touched down on Cape Cod Tuesday.

“First this corner lifted up and then the whole thing after that,” said Bobby Khan, an owner of Cape Sands Inn.

Surveillance video showed the moment the roof was ripped from the inn Khan’s family purchased in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

Video shows the moments strong winds from a tornado pulled a roof off a building in West Yarmouth, Mass.

“We were doing fairly well, knock on wood, until this happened.”

Some guests vacationing at the Cape Sands Inn experienced the unimaginable.

“We’re sitting next to the window all of a sudden it started howling, raining sideways, all of a sudden our ceiling lifted up and came back down pouring inside,” said Jason of Belchertown, Mass., who says he and his daughter ran to the bathtub and covered up.

Relocating guests after an EF-1 tornado wasn’t something Khan ever imagined in his first summer in business. He renovated these destroyed rooms just eight or nine months ago.

But he’s glad everyone is safe.

“We have all of our things. No one got hurt. That’s all that matters,” said a woman from New Hampshire leaving the property.

A family from England thought visiting the JFK Museum was the only history they’d experience Tuesday.

“We see it on the tele and all that, but when it comes to reality it’s just unbelievable. You can’t write it can you?” said Mike Hilditch.

Anthony Piccoli of Storrs shot video while on the way to the movies.

He was trying to make the best of the stormy weather while vacationing in Harwich Port.

“The damage is crazy. You go everywhere along 28 S. There’s trees down, wires down, all along here, all the way down to Harwich about five to 10 miles down the road.”

The weather aficionado now has quite the story to share about his summer vacation when he comes back to Connecticut.

“We’re hoping we’ll get some power back, they might bring a generator, adds to the excitement I guess.”

As cleanup continues on Cape Cod, “I saw it in the movies and stuff, but never. I never thought I’d have to experience this kind of thing,” said Khan.

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