On Alert Over Stranger Danger

Girl Rejects Offer from Man

Some time Monday afternoon a girl was walking alone along Connecticut Avenue in New London, when according to police a man in a green van tried to get her to get into the vehicle with him.

"I called my grandkids to warn them," said Leslie Watkins, who lives on Lincoln Street just off Connecticut Ave.

The girl went to Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School where she alerted authorities.

The police spokesman was unavailable for comment today.

"New London used to be really good," said Melissa Shankle as she watched her two grandchildren play on her porch. "You could send your kids outside.  It just used to be a quiet little town and now it's outrageous," she said.

Of course it doesn't happen only in New London.  On leafy Shore Road in Waterford May 29th, police say two boys told them a man in a white pickup truck offered to give them a ride.  Waterford Police were unable to determine today whether the man had been found.

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