Stripped: Miss Ct. Outstanding Teen Loses Crown

No crown for you.  Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen, who must've thought a house party when her parents were out of town couldn't possible grow out of control, learned a rough lesson.

(Read about the original story about the house-party that put two dozen underage kids behind bars, here.)

Rachael Ramonas, has had her privileges suspended by the Miss Connecticut Board of Directors.  That means, "Effective immediately, Miss Ramonas will not be allowed to wear her crown or banner in public," read their press release.  She also can't appear at any functions, or call herself Miss Connecticut.

Tough for a 17-year-old who we only imagine wore the sash around Wolcott quite a bit.

Her family has not responded to the suspension, but had issues this statement after the Feb. 21 party:

"What was intended to be a small impromptu social gathering of our daughter Rachael and some of her friends and relatives this past Saturday night unfortunately grew in size and scope beyond what was intended."

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