Student Brings Gun to Middle School in Meriden: Officials

NBC Connecticut

Police said a middle schooler is facing charges after allegedly bringing a gun to school in Meriden on Tuesday.

In a statement to families, Superintendent Mark Benigni said a parent reported the incident at Washington Middle School to police Thursday.

School officials began investigating and conducting interviews with the student. Police said the student admitted to carrying a gun at school.

Authorities said the student took their parents' handgun from a locked case and brought it to school.

"It's important to note the parents are licensed gun owners and that the gun was properly stored in a locked safe," police said.

There was no ammunition in the gun. The student had discovered where the key was hidden and used it to access the gun without their parents knowing, according to police.

The police department said they referred the student to juvenile court.

"The safety of students and other members of the school community is our first priority," Benigni said.

The incident appears to be isolated and there's no immediate threat of harm or danger to others.

"The Meriden Police Department appreciates the collaborate relationship between police personnel and school staff that led to a quick and safe resolution to this incident. The parent who took the time to contact Washington Middle School is to be commended for making school staff aware of this incident," police said.

Police are increasing their presence at the middle school Friday.

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