Students Compete in Business Challenge to Raise Money for Medical Research

Students at Northwest Catholic High School are competing for a cause and presented their business ideas to a group of judges, similar to what happens in the show "Shark Tank," to raise money for medical research.

The economics students were divided into teams to raise money for the Vie for the Kids program to benefit the clinical trials program at Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

“Seven teams are competing for really an opportunity for the kids who need our help so badly, but also they are learning a lot in the process through this business competition," Paul Shapiro, founder of Vie For Kids, said.

The judges include business leaders and Connecticut Children's Medical Center patients who gave students advice on how to develop and execute their business plans.

Students will be selling T-shirts, water bottles, sunglasses and even services. such as car washes.

“When we’re working toward raising money for kids with cancer I think it’s definitely a very important thing in all of our lives because it touches everyone,” Mary Elizabeth Budnick, a student, said.

Nineteen-year-old, Kyla Pokorny, who has been in treatment for bone cancer for five years, served as one of the judges.

"Even a simple buying a $15 T-shirt -- how amazing just getting involved like that and how you can get involved in the simplest of ways and be making so much of an impact," Pokorny said.

Teams have until May 15 to raise as much money as they can for the program. On that day, students will give their final presentation of the results and winner will be revealed.

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