Students Disciplined After Watermelon Prank Clogs Toilets at Wethersfield High School

Things got a little fruity at Wethersfield High School Friday.

“I was going to the bathroom and before I could get in I saw teachers holding watermelons in their hands and I heard someone say there's four more watermelons in the girls' bathroom,” sophomore Natalia Travaglini told NBC Connecticut.

Some students placed fruit, including watermelons, inside toilets around the school. Superintendent Michael Emmett said it was a senior prank.

But while the prank may have been done in good fun, the high school principal said that it caused quite a bit of damage to the recently renovated school.

“I was in the hallway, and I saw kids going in with watermelons and the teachers came out and stopped them,” sophomore Haley Dellafera told NBC Connecticut.

Emmett said that those involved were held accountable, but declined to go into detail regarding what consequences the prank could bring for students getting ready to take the stage for graduation.

The fruit prank blocked up several toilets and resulted in an overflow, according to a letter from Principal Thomas Moore sent home to parents.

“I went to go to the bathroom as well and I just the door was locked,” explained sophomore Eliza Martinez.

Moore said students had to use the bathrooms near the main office because the rest had to be closed to assess the damage and that school officials are “currently investigating the vandalism to our toilets, ceiling tiles, carpet and floor tiles.”

The prank got the school talking, and left a lot of mixed reactions.

“I kind of thought it was funny,” Dellafera said.

“It's a waste of good food,” student Justus Feliciano told NBC Connecticut.

Multiple students and parents told NBC Connecticut they’re hearing at least one student if not more may not be able to walk across the stage at graduation because of this.

The superintendent said he is unable to comment on student discipline issues.

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