Students Hold Protests, Sit-Ins Over Trump Presidential Win

Students at UConn are marching in protest after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election and students at the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury are holding a sit-in.

UConn students are marching in mass, chanting “Donald Trump has to go” along with the school “UConn! Huskies”” chant, according to a Tweet from a staff member.

Connecticut was one of the states that Hillary Clinton won, 54 percent to 42 percent, over Trump.

Ethel Walker School is a middle and high school for girls from throughout the United States and abroad and a senior organized the sit-in.

"Our goal today is to convey the message that the result of the election is more than politics and news headlines. For many, the results of this election threaten safety, peace, and survival,” Eshita Rahman, said in a statement the school released. “At an all girls school, we have been taught that if women are well-prepared and hardworking, we can rise above systematic sexism - however, last night's results prove this to still be wrong today."

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