Students Save Selves After Falling Through Ice

Besse Pond 722
Stephania Jimenez, NBC Connecticut

Two Torrington High School students were taken to a local hospital as a precaution after falling through ice on Besse Pond, right near Torrington High School, around 7 a.m. on Thursday.

Fire officials said the teens were walking on the ice, trying to take a shortcut to school, when they went through.

"They got too close to an open part of the pond and fell in. One fell in to his knees. One fell in to his chest," Fire Chief Gary Brunoli, of the Torrington Fire Department, said.

The teens were able to get themselves out and were treated at the scene, then brought to a local hospital as a precaution.

"They were already out on the edge of the ice or on the bank and we just took them in, put them in the fire department apparatus to keep them warm because they were shivering a bit," Brunoli said.

Torrington High School Principal Joanne Creedon said the students are OK.

"I’m relieved that both students are in good shape," she said.

Fire officials warn people to be extra cautious at ponds during the winter.

"I would advise people that, before they go on, it they should make sure that whatever they’re going to do on it is appropriate for their activity," Brunoli said.

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