Students Serving to Cover Their Spring Break Tab

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The grill at Foe An American Bistro was sizzling with orders popping up left and right. It was a special night at the Branford restaurant. High school students replaced the servers. They were trying to work off their tab from an extended spring break in Italy.

"I was there for the longest amount of time we could have been there, so I had the biggest bill to pay, so I've been trying to knock it down as much I can, so when Michele asked me to do this, I thought it was a perfect opportunity," said Megan Palluzzi, a Branford High School student.
Palluzzi was just one of the more than 100 students who were trapped by the volcanic ash cloud in Iceland. The trip was extended about a week for an extra $60,000! It's a bill that falls on the students.
"I grew up in Branford; I went to Branford High School, so as soon as I heard what happened I wanted to do something," said Foe Iaderosa, co-owner of Foe restaurant.
Foe wasn't about to just hand over a check. The students had to work hard for their money, so any tips they got proved what great servers they were.
"Gives them experience. It gives them that empowerment, that they're really trying to help their parents and everybody else who has to pay the bill," said Liz Goodwin, a customer from Milford.
In just three hours, the students made about $1,000.
"We've all been a little stressed about it, but I think this will help a lot and then we can focus on the little amount instead of a lot," said Michele Ahern, a student who regularly works at the restaurant.
It's the price they pay for an unexpected week in Italy.
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