Students Set to Move Back Into UConn Early Due to Potential Snowstorm

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After a delayed start, students are set to return to UConn for the spring semester this week. The arrivals will begin on Friday, January 28, which is a day early due to the potential of snow.

The university says all students who have not tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days are required to download the results of a pre-arrival PCR test taken within three days of departing to campus. 

Once students arrive, they will take another test on campus…that’s being broken down into different groups.

The groups are as follows:

  • For off campus/commuter students, Storrs arrival testing was held this past weekend. Students who missed that date may stop by the second floor of Rome this week to get tested.
  • For on campus students, arrival testing will occur during move-in weekend.
  • Regional campus students will receive communication directly from their campuses.

When speaking to students already back on campus, they say testing is a good thing and that they feel comfortable with the student body as a whole trickling back in over the next few days.

“I feel really safe. I feel good about. It’s nice to be back on campus as long as you take care of yourself. Do as much as you can to prevent yourself from getting sick, you’re fine,” said junior Kabir Chavan.

Even with all the testing, the campus is opening on red alert status, which will still require students to social distance and wear a mask. 

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