Study Ranks ‘Most Fun' States of 2017

Looking to venture out of state for some fun? WalletHub has you covered with its analysis of the 2017 Most Fun States in America – and some of the states that top the list may not be where you’d expect.

Nevada tops the list as the most fun state in America, followed by South Dakota, Colorado, North Dakota, New York, Wyoming, Oregon, Louisiana, Montana, and Hawaii.

Naturally, the definition of “fun” depends on the person. The study focused on finding the greatest variety of entertainment for the best cost, and looked at 22 metrics including everything from movie costs to national parks to casinos per capita.

Source: WalletHub

So where to go? Well, if you’re a person that fancies outdoor recreation and exploring national parks, you can head to South Dakota, which has some of the country’s best access to national parks and a high number of golf courses per capita. The state also spends some of the highest amounts of money on parks and recreation per capita. North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming are similarly ranked. 

If you’re into winter sports, check out Colorado or Montana, which have huge number of ski and snowboarding facilities.

If you’re more into casinos, nightlife, and the theatre, you’re going to want to check out Nevada and New York, which are going to cost you a bit more but boast some of the highest variety of arts, entertainment and recreation establishments, and the most performing arts theaters per capita.

Hawaii may be an expensive flight, but if you’re looking for more of that outdoor recreation in a gorgeous beach setting, head on down.

And while Connecticut ranked 37 overall, we’re tied for the most marinas per capita, according to the study. So if you’re into boating and water recreation, home isn’t such a bad place to be.

For more information and a breakdown of what factors contributed to the rankings, click here. 

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