Stuff a Cruiser: Police Help Collect Shoes for The Homeless

Hartford Police partnered with a nonprofit organization in order to "fill a cruiser" with shoes for homeless adults and children.

On Saturday, Harford Police brought a cruiser to Fleet Feet in West Hartford between 9:30 a.m. and noon to set up "Footwear with Care". 

Teaming up with Community Partners in Action and the Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association, Fleet Feet said it would donate a new pair of shoes for every $25 donated to the program. "Footwear with Care" also accepted "like new" shoe donations for kids and adults. 

Community Partners said while decent clothing is often available through chartiable donations, footwear is not and when it is, they're in poor condition. 

"Footwear with Care" was inspired by Hartford police officer, Jim Barrett, an Iraqi War veteran and advocate for the city's homeless. Moved by a homeless vet, whose only shoes were a pair of disintegrating flips-flops, Barrett bought him some new sneakers.

While the launch for "Footwear with Care" was on Saturday, the program has already collected more than 80 pairs of shoes for those who need it the most.

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