Suffield Lady Gaga Fan Gets the Superstar's Attention

Katie Dorman, a 17-year-old Suffield teen, dreams of meeting Lady Gaga and the superstar is getting attention from the singer thanks to some classmates who hoped that a social media campaign might end with the two meeting.

Katie has Down syndrome and is unable to communicate verbally, but she becomes “Katie Gaga” when she puts on her wig and takes the stage.

She is also a member of Suffield High School's “Unified Theater,” an organization that’s breaking down the barriers for people with disabilities and putting them on stage. Friends through that group started Tweeting with the hashtag #SendKatieToGaga with the hopes that the story would go viral.

It has.

Gaga Tweeted Katie Dorman’s story this morning after watching video of the 17-year-old performing one of the superstar’s songs.

Katie will be going to Gaga’s show on June 29 at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford after someone who heard her story donated two front-row tickets so Katie could go to the concert with her older brother.

Students at Suffield High School are trying to help a classmate get her wish. Katie Dorman, 17, is one of Lady Gaga’s biggest fans and she wants to meet the superstar.
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