Sunny Outcome for Summer Hot Spots


Just before you get to Mystic Seaport, there is a seafood shack that’s plenty busy, despite the economy.

“We are doing okay. We got customers who always do come and stop on the way,” said Sea View Snack Bar Manager John Alarcon.

The proof is in the packed parking lot, but not every lot is filled.  “I find that if I come down the Post Road in Milford and Orange, I don’t see the cars in the restaurants. I don’t see people out. I think people have really cut back,” said Candy Faris of Stratford.

Some customers say there’s a reason they chose to eat at Sea View Snack Bar.  “I’d say we probably came here to have a nice cheaper lunch rather than going into town,” said Alisa Cusack, who drove to Mystic from Canton, MA.

The line outside Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe shows people still are stopping for a sweet treat.  “It does seem to be one of those things that people are willing to spend money on,” said Shoppe Owner Jason Conroy.

This is the Conroy’s first summer dishing out ice cream and sandwiches. You may think the economic climate would be tough for a new business, but the weather helped.

“The ice cream does hold up well in a down economy and the weather has really been on our side,” Conroy said.  “It’s perfect beach weather,” said Jill Kilgus, who drove down to Hammonasset State Park with her family from their home in Manchester.

All the beautiful summer weekends have meant busy beaches.  “Coming here for a whole day is still cheap, even with the fee. You bring your lunch,” Kilgus said.

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